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Monday, April 30
Session 1A1: Laboratory Experiments I: Design, diagnostics, scaling
Session Chair: Jave Kane
Radu Presura (University of Nevada, Reno)
Lab diagnostics primer for astronomers [40]
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Nathan Kugland (LLNL)
Proton imaging of collisionless shock experiments at OMEGA EP [20]
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Carlos Di Stefano (University of Michigan)
Proton-diagnostic performance in laser-driven hydrodynamics experiments [15]
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Kristopher Yirak (LANL)
Mach stem hysteresis: Experiments addressing a novel explanation of clumpy astrophysical jet emission [15]
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Paul Drake (University of Michigan)
HEDLA 1996 vs. 2012 [30]
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Session 1P1: Astrophysical Jets & Disks I. AGN, black hole, protostellar
Session Chair: Sergey Lebedev
Mario Livio (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Astrophysical jets [40]
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Debra Shepherd (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
ALMA and JVLA: Insight into astrophysical jets [20]
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Francisco Suzuki-Vidal (Imperial College, London, UK)
Interaction of radiatively cooled plasma jets with collimated, supersonic gas flows [15]
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Andrea Ciardi (Observatoire de Paris)
Outflow collimation by a poloidal magnetic field [15]
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Anton Dorodnitsyn (NASA GSFC and the University of Maryland)
How to hide a supermassive black hole: AGN obscuration through dusty infrared dominated flows [15]
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Session 1P2: Plasma Physics I. Collisionless shocks, magnetic reconnection, ultrastrong fields, turbulence, instabilitiess
Session Chair: Dmitri Ryutov
Hantao Ji (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
Laboratory studies of magnetic reconnection [30]
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Anatoly Spitkovsky (Princeton University)
Astrophysical collisonless shocks
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Yasuhiro Kuramitsu (Osaka University, Japan)
Electron scale magnetic reconnection in a laser produced plasma [15]
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Jiayong Zhong (Key Laboratory of Optical Astronomy, Beijing, China)
Spatial and temporal evolution of extremely strongly laser driven magnetic reconnection [15]
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Yutong Li (National Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics, Beijing, China)
Collisionless shockwaves formed by counter-streaming laser-produced plasmas [15]
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Tuesday, May 1
Session 2A1: Supernovae I. SNe, SNRs, GRBs, exploding systems
Session Chair: Tomasz Plewa
Robert Kirshner (Harvard University)
Supernovae: the gift that keeps on giving [40]
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Alexis Casner (CEA, France)
Designs and implementation plan for highly nonlinear ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability experiments on the National Ignition Facility [20]
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Vladimir Smalyuk (University of Rochester)
Laboratory basic science, hydrodynamic growth experiments on OMEGA [20]
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Desmond John Hillier (University of Pittsburgh)
Unlocking the secrets of supernovae through their spectra [15]
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Session 2A2: Solar and Stellar Physics I. Evolution, structure, opacities, radiative transfer, white dwarfs, neutron stars
Session Chair: Chris Orban
Michael Wiescher (University of Notre Dame)
The physics of reaction rates in stellar environments [40]
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Irina Sagert (Michigan State University)
Strange matter in neutron stars and core-collapse supernovae [15]
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James Bailey (SNL)
ZAPP: The Z astrophysical plasma properties collaboration [15]
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Ross Falcon (University of Texas at Austin)
An experimental platform for creating white dwarf photospheres in the laboratory [20]
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Quan-Li Dong (National Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics, Beijing, China)
Observations of anomalous plasmoid ejection, plasma jets and electron diffusion regions of magnetic reconnections in laser-plasma experiments [15]
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Session 2P1: Computing I. Astrophysical simulations, design of experiments, validation studies
Session Chair: Serge Bouquet
Jim Stone (Princeton University)
Challenges of modeling astrophysical MHD [40]
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Frederico Fiuza (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal)
Full-scale modeling of Weibel mediated collisionless shocks in laboratory scenarios [20]
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Bruce Fryxell (University of Michigan)
Collaborative comparison of high-energy-density physics codes [15]
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Timothy Handy (Florida State University)
Computer experiments for supersonic turbulent flows in high-energy density plasmas [15]
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Hanbyul Jang (Chungnam National University, Korea)
A relativistic magnetohydrodynamic code based on upwind scheme [15]
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Session 2P2: Warm Dense Matter: Planetary interiors, EOS, magnetic fields in giant planets, exoplanets
Session Chair: Dongsu Ryu
Peter Celliers (LLNL)
Experiments to probe warm dense matter conditions for planetary science [40]
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Burkhard Militzer (University of California, Berkeley)
Phase separation in giant planet interiors and novel first-principles simulation of plasmas [20]
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Francois Soubiran (ENS Lyon, France)
Thermodynamical and transport properties of dense H-He mixtures [15]
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Manuel Cotelo (Instituto de Fusion Nuclear, Madrid, Spain)
Improvements in equation of state and opacities for warm dense matter [15]
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Stanley Davis (University Bordeaux, France)
Numerical simulations of electron heating during energy transfer in a laser driven collisionless shock [15]
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Wednesday, May 2
Session 3A1: Radiative Hydrodynamics I. Radiative shocks, radiatively driven instabilities, molecular clouds, stellar winds
Session Chair: Tim Handy
Roberto Mancini (University of Nevada, Reno)
Laboratory photoionized plasma experiments relevant for astrophysics [40]
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Edward Hill (Imperial College, London, UK)
Alternative methods of producing photoionised plasmas in the laboratory [20]
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Carolyn Kuranz (University of Michigan)
The evolution of a radiative shock system on the OMEGA Laser [15]
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Siegfried Glenzer (LLNL)
Expanding shock waves from 100 Gbar implosions on the National Ignition Facility [15]
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Jim Ferguson (Texas A&M University)
Asymptotic accuracy of the equilibrium-diffusion approximation [15]
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Session 3A2: Astrophysical dust & magnetized HEDLA
Session Chair: Bruce Remington
Farid Salama (NASA Ames)
Interstellar dust - a review [40]
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Dmitri Ryutov (LLNL)
Basic scalings for collisionless shock experiments [20]
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Sergey Lebedev (Imperial College, London, UK)
Magnetized jet experiments and radiative shocks driven by pulsed power
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Adam Frank (University of Rochester)
The formation of magnetized molecular clouds: New results and experimental possibilities [15]
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Thursday, May 3
Session 4A1: Plasma Physics II
Session Chair: Naofumi Ohnishi
Jungyeon Cho (Chungnam National University, Korea)
Magnetized turbulence in astrophysical fluids [30]
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Yuichi Sakawa (Osaka University, Japan)
Laboratory experiments to study collisionless shocks [20]
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Hye-Sook Park (LLNL)
Astrophysical collisionless shocks in the laboratory [20]
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Dongsu Ryu (Chungnam National University, Korea)
A simulation study of intracluster turbulence [15]
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Mikhail Medvedev (University of Kansas)
Theory and numerical modeling of radiation from sub-Larmor-scale magnetic turbulence [15]
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Session 4A2: Supernovae II
Session Chair: Irina Sagert
Sergey Blinnikov (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)
Radiation hydrodynamics of supernova shock breakouts
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Tomasz Plewa (Florida State University)
Diverging core-collapse supernova experiments on NIF [15]
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Vikram Dwarkadas (University of Chicago)
The acceleration and escape of particles in young supernova remnants [15]
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Alexei Poludnenko (Naval Research Laboratory)
Spontaneous deflagration-to-detonation transition in thermonuclear supernovae [15]
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Session 4P1: Solar and Stellar Physics II
Session Chair: Paul Bellan
Sarbani Basu (Yale University)
Confronting stellar structure theory with asteroseismic data [40]
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Eve Stenson (Caltech)
The dynamics of arched, plasma-filled magnetic flux tubes [20]
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Shule Li (University of Rochester)
Clumps with self-contained magnetic field and their interaction with shocks [15]
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Guy Malamud (University of Michigan)
On the possibility of a two-dimensional, multimode RM experiment on EP [15]
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Session 4P2: Astrophysical Jets and Disks II. Laboratory Experiments
Session Chair: Pat Hartigan
Jonathan Ferreira (Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France)
What does it take to launch jets from accretion discs? [40]
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Martin Huarte-Espinosa (University of Rochester)
Comparing Poynting flux dominated magnetic towers with kinetic-energy dominated jets [15]
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Edison Liang (Rice University)
Magnetic field generation and particle acceleration in relativistic shear boundary layer [15]
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Auna Moser (Caltech)
Laboratory observations of magnetic reconnection resulting from multiscale instability cascade [20]
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Friday, May 4
Session 5A1: Laboratory Experiments II
Session Chair: Carolyn Kuranz
Serge Bouquet (CEA, France)
Scaling astrophysical radiation hydrodynamics for the laboratory [40]
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Will Fox (University of New Hampshire)
Fast magnetic reconnection in high-energy-density laser-produced plasmas [20]
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Yong-Joo Rhee (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea)
Laser-produced high density plasmas [15]
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Kirk Flippo (LANL)
Investigating mix in colliding-shock experiments [15]
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Matteo Bocchi (Imperial College, London)
Numerical simulations of Z-Pinch experiments to create supersonic differentially rotating plasma flows [15]
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Session 5A2: Computing II
Session Chair: Paul Keiter
Bernie Wilde (LANL)
The art of designing and fielding relevant HEDP experiments
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Milad Fatenejad (University of Chicago)
FLASH simulations of experiments to explore the generation of cosmological magnetic fields [20]
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James Glimm (Stony Brook University)
Turbulent mixing at the high Re limit: V&V/UQ [15]
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J. Tiberius Moran-Lopez (University of Michigan)
A weighted essentially nonoscillatory implementation of a Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes model for Richtmyer-Meshkov instability-induced mixing [15]
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Session 5P1: Radiative Hydrodynamics II
Session Chair: Marc Pound
Jonathan Mackey (Argelander Institut fuer Astronomie, Bonn, Germany)
Effects of magnetic fields on photoionised pillars of dense gas [20]
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Berenice Loupias (CEA, France)
Theory and experiments of accretion processes in cataclysmic variables [40]
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Christine Krauland (University of Michigan)
Reverse radiative shock laser experiments relevant to accreting stream-disk impact in interacting binaries [15]
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Emeric Falize (CEA, France)
Recent advances in the experimental simulation of X-ray binary stars accretion shocks [15]
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Bart van der Holst (University of Michigan)
Simulating the long-term evolution of radiative shocks in shock tubes [15]
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Bruce Remington (LLNL)
Conference Summary [15]
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